With hidden sea caves, lush coastlines and turquoise waters the Greek islands make for the perfect island hopping adventure. Discover local culture, classical architecture and the best of Greek cuisine all while enjoying breath-taking beaches.
The Greeks have been a nation of seafarers since time immemorial – no surprise when large parts of your homelands are either islands or virtually inaccessible by land. Homer referred to these waters as his ‘wine-dark sea’, while Helen of Troy was the legendary ‘face that launched 1,000 ships’.
And while this Eastern end of the Mediterranean has been both a highway and a crossroads simply forever, these shores have provided safe harbour for the travellers and adventurers of history. Today their legacy of picturesque harbours, atmospheric harbour towns, stunningly scenic bays and anchorages, Byzantine churches, crusader castles and ancient temples is your playground.
Bareboat Charter
Finally we offer ‘bareboat’ charters from a range of bases in the Ionian and throughout the Aegean, including the Cyclades, the Saronic Gulf, the Sporades or the Dodecanese, as well as the fully crewed Dalmatian Coast Boutique Cruise featured in our boutique cruise section – whatever your choice, you will be exploring some of the world’s very best!


Lefkas Flotilla
  • Easy / Relaxing Sailing – Level 1
  • Ideal For Families
  • Beautiful Area With Varied Ports
  • Club And Flotilla Option
  • Combine Flotilla With RYA Tuition

Dodecanese Flotilla
  • Level 2-3, Stronger Breezes And More Open Water
  • Rich In History & Culture
  • Beautiful Area With Varied Ports
  • Great Sail & Stay Options
  • Good Sailing Winds Almost Guaranteed

Kefalonia Flotilla
  • Moderate Sailing – Level 2
  • Ideal For Families
  • Club And Flotilla Option
  • Combine Flotilla With RYA Tuition

Sporades Flotilla
  • Challenging Flotilla Sailing – Level 3
  • Ideal for Explorers, Off The Beaten Track
  • Un-spoilt Destinations
  • Fresh Breezes And Open Waters